Dr. Scott W. Petersen, DMD, MP, SMP

Dr. Scott W. & Eve T. Petersen



25% ACADEMICS—evaluated on official GPA & ACT scores.

25% STRENGTH OF CHARACTER—evaluated through 2 letters of recommendation.

50% SERVICE & LEADERSHIP—evaluated through a Personal Resume of Leadership & Service and a 2 to 3 page Essay entitled “A Lifetime of Servant Leadership” based on the 5 essential Servant Leader character traits.

*Applicants must be a patient of Dr. Scott W. Petersen.  Scholarship applications are available at dental practice locations.

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2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

Hannah Wall—Medicine 

Juab High School

Southern Utah University

“When you have genuine concern for the interest of other people’s needs and wellbeing, then you have the humanitarian heart of a leader. This quality will make or break a leader, because without a genuine heart, you are striving to become a leader purely for clout, power or position. . . . Medicine will allow me to give back to my community, and with time and education, allow me to develop new theories on medicine. I just want to help people, in a world full of broken and wounded, I would like to heal.“

Elizabeth Ferrin—Psychology 

Millard High School

Southern Utah University

“In Utah, I feel that the mental health community is stigmatized. One could [say] that they are alone in their struggles. They could even think that this is a battle they have to win by themselves. I don’t think this is true. I chose psychology because I want to serve others. I don’t want anyone to feel as if they are alone in the world. My moral compass is this. It is my desire to serve the broken people, the lonely people, and the ones who need to be served the most.”

Ashlyn Fowles—Small Business 

Delta High School

Dog Grooming/Cosmetology School

“I . . . have learned to make my own natural and pure homemade dog treats and muffins. Both my dogs have had cancer several times and so I have gained knowledge on what is healthy and nutritious for dogs and I would like to share what I know with others. I feel that if you are happy and fulfilled in your career, then it makes it easier to serve and love others. By doing this I believe I or anybody can change the world.”

Marissa Hall—Physical Therapy 

Juab High School

Southern Utah University

“As a physical therapist, I will have to be confident in my decisions so my patients trust me. I will have to be optimistic and have a vision so the patients will have faith they will get better even when it is hard. Being a physical therapist might not change the world, but it can help one person’s life for the better. That is what being a servant leader is about.”

2019-2020 Scholarship Recipient

Jessica Petersen, Commerical Music

Juab High School

Brigham Young University

“ . . . I want to help make the world a better place through music. Many [songs] talk about how it is good to have sex before you are married or how it is okay to hurt people as long as you are happy. Most songs swear or have very crude lyrics as well. I would like to change that and write songs that put positive messages out in the world. Songs that encourage you to go and do what you love and turn it into a way to help others. I know that [positive] music has helped me in so many ways—because of this, I would like to do the same for others . . . That is my biggest goal and dream in life. Having a career in music will encourage me to always lead a life of servant leadership because I will always be trying to write music that will inspire others. ”